In July 2020, Death Stranding was released for PC after Hideo Kojima’s new game was available exclusively for the PS4 for some time. Publishing of the PC version was done by 505 Games. Thanks to the latest figures, we now also know how much revenue the Death Stranding PC port made.

From the Financial report from Digital Bros, the parent company of 505 Games, it is now clear that Death Stranding had turned over 23 million euros as of December 31, 2020. This enabled the game to achieve higher sales than Control or Ghostrunner, which were also published by 505 Games. There are still no official sales figures from Sony of the PS4 version. Most recently, the company described the franchise as “record breaking”. How many units are meant by this, however, remains unclear.

Numerous rumors surrounding Kojima Productions have surfaced in the past few weeks. Among other things, there was speculation about a PS5 version of the title, which in addition to improvements should also offer a story expansion. So far, however, there has been no confirmation of this. In addition, Hideo Kojima and his team should already be working on the next project, which could possibly be announced soon – at least if someone in charge of the development studio has its way. As a publisher, Microsoft is said to be under discussion. With this, Kojima Productions might now switch to the Sony competition after Death Stranding.

Those: Digital Bros

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