Because of the lawsuit between Epic Games and Apple, we received a detailed look at the numbers from the Epic Games Store in a file on the case. Although the Steam competitor has had a successful start with over 160 million users since its launch in December 2018, this success is not yet reflected financially. Accordingly, the company has already suffered a loss of more than 450 million US dollars with the Epic Games Store.

While the losses in 2019 were 181 million, the value rose again to 273 million last year. And this year, too, those responsible at Epic expect further losses of 273 million US dollars. The main reason for the red numbers are extensive investments to increase the market share compared to Steam. This also includes the numerous free games that are available to all users in the Epic Games Store week after week. However, profits should then be made in 2023.

Compared to other stores, Epic Games only pays 12% per game sold. However, according to the court records, that smaller percentage is enough to cover the operating costs for the Epic Games Store. In just under a month, Apple and Epic Games will speak in court at the main hearing. The focus is, among other things, on the commission of 30% that Apple and other companies collect on a transaction.

via GamingBolt

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