from Sebastian Glanzer
In contrast to the previous months, Pokémon Go's field research tasks in June are not generic, but have the topic "soil". In addition to ground Pokémon, you will encounter a variety of other pocket monsters as always.

As previously announced, Pokémon's fieldwork breakthrough this month revolves around the ground-level Pokémon Knacklion. The remaining field research in June will also reward you with some pocket monsters of the ground type and rather rare Pokémon such as Mebrana or Flunschlik

Over five great curve balls in a row you also have the chance to find Pandir # 5, which has the chance to appear as a dazzling variant. All the rewards from the fieldwork in June will reward you with Pokémon encounters, because balls, berries, etc. are available on the new bonus tasks that come in every day as part of the couch bonuses.

Pokémon Go: fieldwork in June

Catch tasks
Catch 10 Pokémon – Carpador
Catch a Dragon-type Dratini Pokémon
Catch three Grass, Fire, or Ground Pokémon – Tragosso
Catch three ground Pokémon – Hippopotas
Catch five weather-enhanced Pokémon – Vulpix or Burbot

Throwing tasks
Land five good throws – Voltoball
Land three great litters – Nebulak, Anorith or Liliep
Land three good throws in a row – Onix
Land five great curve balls in a row – Pandir # 5
Land three fabulous litters in a row – Larviatar
Use five berries – Rotomurf when catching Pokémon

Fight tasks
Win a fight in the Go Combat League – Rihorn
Win a level 3 raid or higher – Amonitas or Kabuto
Win a Raid – Moorabbel
Win five raids – Aerodactyl

Buddy tasks
Give your buddy three berries – Felino
Earn three sweets by walking your buddy – Flunschlik
Take a snapshot of your buddy – Digda

Other tasks
Swap in Pokémon Squeak
Send three Pokémon – Camaub
Send three gifts to friends – Schmerbe
Use five power ups on a Pokémon – Bulbasaur, Charmander or Squirtle
Develop a Pokémon – Sandamer or Eevee
Hatch an egg – Mebrana