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As part of the announcement of the youngest hero Echo, it was also announced that she will be the last hero for Overwatch 1. So is the release of Overwatch 2 imminent or will there be no new heroes for a long time?

At the previous BlizzCon 2019, the developers of Blizzard back then Overwatch 2 announced. Since then it has become pretty quiet around the second part of the team shooter. Now at least so much is known that the youngest heroine Echo scheduled to be the last hero of the first part. One could conclude that we will see Overwatch 2 later this year. The developers are still covering themselves and do not answer any questions about their release plans, but there are a few things you can rhyme with yourself. For example, almost eight months have passed since the release of the 31st hero Sigma. About four months earlier we got the 30th hero with Baptiste. If we now assume that Blizzard will keep us waiting until the next hero for a similar length of time, the release would still take place in 2020. At least it is difficult to imagine that no new content should come for the rest of the year.

Overwatch 2: Echo is the last hero for Overwatch 1 - when is part 2 coming? (2)

Overwatch 2: Echo is the last hero for Overwatch 1 – when is part 2 coming? (2)

Source: Blizzard

Another point that comes up is the fact that a few days ago Michael Chu saying goodbye to Blizzard has announced. The developers did not want to tell us whether he left voluntarily or had to leave. However, it seems inappropriate for the lead story writer to leave the boat in the middle of active development. It is much more likely that the story of Overwatch 2 is now completely written and approved. After all, this is a big part of that of the successor, which will focus on the story campaigns of the individual heroes. If we are correct in our assessment, it will not take too long before these campaigns are integrated into the game and Overwatch 2 is, to a certain extent, ready. We therefore assume that we will see a release of Overwatch 2 before BlizzCon and that the first further updates may then already be shown there. Maybe we're a little optimistic about that, too Fiasco that Blizzard last delivered like this. At the latest at BlizzCon 2020, the developers should come out with a release date. Or they have to say goodbye to no longer bringing new heroes to Overwatch 1.

What do you think – when can Overwatch 2 be released? Still 2020 or do we have to wait until next year?

Overwatch: developer video for the new hero Echo

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Overwatch: Lead writer Michael Chu leaves Blizzard

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