Overwatch and Apex players want new skins – for a touching reason

The communities of the games Overwatch and Apex Legends want to collect money for relief efforts that fight against the devastating forest fires in Australia.

Overwatch subreddit has been around for a few days a postwho calls Blizzard to Skins based on firefightersto develop. The sale of these charity skins is said to collect money that will then be donated to relief efforts in Australia.

What's going on in australia

To provide some context, the ongoing heat and lack of rain have led to the worst forest fires in decades on the Australian continent. The flames destroy national parks, cities and the natural habitats of domestic animals.

There is currently no end in sight,

Help from the gaming scene

Help is coming from all over the world, and the gaming community also wants to help. The post mentioned suggests choosing the heroes Junkrat and Roadhog for the skins, since the two come from Australia in the Overwatch lore. The post can now also be found in the official forum.

Found in the Apex Legends subreddit the post also his way, and here too the community is very taken with the idea that Respawn offers charity skins for sale. There is a lot of support for the proposal in both subreddits – and even players who normally don't buy skins want to make an exception here.

Nice to see unified communities:

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Games that split the community

Both Blizzard and Respawn have already raised ingame for a good cause. In 2018, the sale of a Mercy skin raised a good $ 12.7 million for breast cancer research. Apex Legends players also raised money in 2019 for the Mozambique flood disaster.

We hope that this proposal finds its way to the developers – and finally into the game. Even if you never spent money on cosmetic items, would you be part of such a fundraiser?