Good news for all fans des Helden-Shooters Overwatch, because a well-known event has returned and brings fresh content with it. Some players should already be familiar with the archive event, because this year it is already starting its fourth round.
It will take place from April 6th to April 27th, 2021.

As before, the three missions uprising, retaliation and storm signals are available. In it we experience various key moments from the history of our favorite Overwatch heroes and fight computer-controlled opponents together with other players. To mix it up a bit, there are the Challenge versions, in which the difficulty level of each mission increases through special game modes. New additions this time are the “Bulletproof Barriers” mode (enemy barriers are invulnerable) for the Uprising mission, the “Compassion Bonus” mode for retaliation (damage inflicted on opponents heals other opponents) and the “Thunderstorm” mode for storm signs (opponents add nearby damage to).

Of course, weekly challenges are also available. Here you can get a player icon, a spray and an epic skin for the characters Lúcio, Zenyatta and Mercy per week. To do this, stars have to be earned diligently by completing missions. More skins, emotes and highlight intros are available from loot boxes.

Not to forget: We have the next part in the series, Overwatch (buy now 57,99 € ) 2, in the distant future ahead. information from BlizzCon can be found here.



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