Jeff Kaplan, infamous Everquest fan and then co-lead developer of World of Warcraft, has left Blizzard Entertainment after 19 years. Known under the nickname Tigole, Kaplan drew attention to himself as a creative and critical player during his Everquest time; Rob Pardo, Kaplan’s guild leader and game designer of Warcraft 3 at the time, invited Kaplan to visit him to show him World of Warcraft. The rest is history.

The path of a game design legend

Jeff Kaplan was promoted to Game Director of World of Warcraft over the years before moving to Titan leadership in 2009. As is well known, parts of Titan then became Overwatch, Kaplan remained head of the team and managed to inspire the fans again and again with his calm manner. On the Official Overwatch website Kaplan left the following words (yes, he really wrote everything in lower case):

“I’m leaving Blizzard Entertainment after 19 incredible years.

it was truly the honor of my life to have the opportunity to create worlds and heroes for such a passionate audience. i would like to express my deep gratitude to everyone at blizzard who supported our games, our game teams and our players. But special thanks go to the wonderful game developers who shared the journey of creation with me.

never accept the world as it appears to be. always dare to see her for what she could be. i hope you do the same


jeffrey kaplan”

WoW: Glory of the raider of Nathria – this is how you get the meta-success

This ends another long-term developer era at Blizzard. The work on Overwatch and Overwatch 2 will be taken over by Aaron Keller, who has been with Kaplan at WoW for a long time (buy now 14,99 € ) as well as Overwatch has worked. Keller thanks Kaplan as his mentor wholeheartedly for his work and ideas.

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