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Blizzard’s hero shooter Overwatch continues to be hugely successful five years after its release. To keep it that way, the developers are continuing to work on it and will be introducing cross-play for the first time at the end of the year so that all players can play together.

The hero shooter Overwatch, which grew out of the remains of Titan, still enjoys a large and quite satisfied player base five years after its release. However, this is currently split into PC and console players. But at the end of the year it won’t be the same. Because as Blizzard recently announced, the shooter will be expanded to include a cross-play function this year. Players on the PC can then easily interact with players on all common consoles. In addition to Xbox and Playstation, the Nintendo Switch is one of them.

Can you cross-play directly in Overwatch? There’s a hurdle on the console

However, the console players cannot avoid creating a Battle.net account for the functions if they do not have one yet. According to the developer, this is the only way to guarantee functionality. In a short FAQ, they answered many questions that came up at the same time as the announcement. For example, consoleros can switch off the function if necessary, and the ranking mode will remain platform-exclusive for the time being.

In addition, the matchmaker will primarily accommodate you in your category, even when cross-play is activated. As a single player on the console you will only be matched with other console players – but now independently of the respective console. Groups of PC players and consoleros, on the other hand, are thrown into a game with other PC players – or with other mixed groups. Incidentally, there will be no cross-progression.

Overwatch: Developer update on the planned cross-play feature

You can find more details in the official announcement read up. The developers go into many small details, such as handling potential account penalties, leaderboards or voice chat.

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