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Blizzard Entertainment will launch "Triple Damage", the first experiment mode in Overwatch this Tuesday. Changes to the existing 2-2-2 system are carried out in ranking mode. The team would like to know how the team shooter feels with a 3-2-1 system (3 damage, 2 support, 1 tank). Roadhog, Zarya and D.Va are also heavily adapted for the experiment.

A few weeks after Jeff Kaplan and the Blizzard Entertainment team announced some changes for Overwatch with Hero Pools and Experiment Mode, players can now look forward to the first experiment. "Triple Damage" will be available on all platforms later in the day. Everything revolves around the division of the individual hero roles within a team.

In the coming days, Blizzard would like to see different constellations, consisting of 3 damage heroes, 2 support heroes and a tank hero. Currently comes in Overwatch ranked mode (buy now for € 58.99) the 2-2-2 system. The experiment is to show whether the queue can be shortened. The team also wants to know how much fun players have with this division. Below you can find the developer video with Jeff Kaplan.

Overwatch: Experimental Mode "Triple Damage" – Dev Update

Triple Damage will also bring drastic changes to off-tank heroes like Roadhog, Zarya or D.Va. Jeff Kaplan has not revealed any details in the video itself. However, these adjustments should be read at the latest in the patch notes. According to Blizzard, the changes will only apply to experiment mode – or the 3-2-1 system will actually be adopted at some point.

The hero's pools recently introduced will bring a breath of fresh air to the team shooter with the start of Season 21. In weekly mode, a hero is banned in ranked mode, which cannot then be selected. With this, Blizzard wants to change the current meta of Overwatch again and again.

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Overwatch: Hero pools now available on the test server

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Overwatch: Blizzard plans hero pools and experiment mode

Blizzard Entertainment has announced several major innovations for the hero shooter Overwatch.

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