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The next content update for Blizzard's team shooter Overwatch is live and the Halloween 2020 event has started. Below is the official announcement, the trailer and a picture gallery with all the horror skins!

In addition to the brew festival, October is all about the American horror festival Halloween, and this event is not only celebrated in the World of Warcraft or in the team fighting game Heroes of the Storm, but of course also in the team shooter Overwatch (buy now € 45.99 ). It starts on 13. October 2020, the end is on November 3rd:

The horror makes your blood freeze in your veins
Now it's getting dreadful – Overwatch's Halloween horror is back! We're celebrating this spooky occasion with gruesome new cosmetic perks, weekly rewards, and hair-raising new challenges from our action-packed co-op brawl, Junkenstein's Revenge. Fight side by side to defeat the fiendish Dr. Junkenstein to put down the trade. Face hordes of angry zomnics, escape a vengeful ghost, dodge the deadly shock hoops and more. Take on the weekly challenge missions, in which you have to brave all evils – you can expect damn great new sprays as a reward.

For Halloween there are – as in previous years – Time-limited Halloween loot boxes. Each of them contains at least one of the numerous items with a Halloween flair, including sprays, icons, skins, winner poses, emotes and highlight intros. Below you will find a series of pictures with all exclusive scary skins – the new ones first. Have fun playing!


Overwatch: Halloween Horror Lootbox (Source: buffed)

You can find more information, specials and videos about Overwatch on our Overwatch themed page.

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