It is not quite as easy for Efi Oladele as one would assume for a girl of almost twelve: she may be gifted, but that alienates her from her friends. She has a hard time warming up with students at a similar level of knowledge. And her parents annoy her by going outside and not just hiding behind her workbench. Robots have been Efi's passion since she was a little girl. So it's no wonder that at some point, after a decisive experience in her life, she comes up with the idea of ​​building a defense robot to stop the Talon agent Doomfist, who is marauding in her hometown of Numbani.

How it all happens, you can find out in the Overwatch novel The Heroes of Numbani. On a little more than 300 pages, author Nicky Drayden introduces you to the world of Efi, who after Doomfist's attacks on Numbani decides to put together a defensive robot: Orisa. The novel is now available at Handel – and with a correct answer and a bit of luck you can get a copy of the book for free! Because Fischer-Verlag has kindly given us The Heroes of Numbani three times for a raffle! What do you have to do to take part in our competition? Simply enter the required data in the form below and keep your fingers crossed! You can participate until August 31, 2020 at 11:59 p.m.! The judges' decision is final, a cash payment is not possible. Ours apply General competition terms and conditions! Good luck!

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Overwatch: The new heroine Orisa in the spotlight video

By the way, I read into The Heroine of Numbani, but I won't tell you anything more about the story, but rather a bit more generally about the style. And even if Overwatch (buy now for € 59.00) plays in and of itself in a near, absolutely fantastic future, I was amazed at the adulthood of the "almost twelve year old" Efi – and at this point I have to confront the story with a bit of realism. By the way, age is emphasized in some parts of the novel, so I feel compelled to do it that way.

Efi definitely has her problems coping with her hyperintelligence and therefore lacks all kinds of social skills, which even her best friends Naade and Hassana feel. The heroine of Numbani is not just a heroic novel, but also a coming-of-age piece in which not only Orisa, as a quasi-inexperienced "newborn", has to find her way, but also Efi. So I find it a bit irritating that Efi, who definitely has not yet gained much life experience and with her "almost twelve" stumbles into every social faux pas without exception, that of all people she takes on the job of "educating" Orisa. And then also makes a not very clever decision that is strikingly reminiscent of the film Baymax.

After all, from the time Efi is working on Orisa, the story gets a little more moving and becomes charming and funny. And sometimes a little silly. The more action-packed scenes with Doomfist and later with Efi's great role model Lúcio, on the other hand, suffer from the fact that as a reader I have no sense of the environment at all, which the author largely left out of the descriptions. To do this, Drayden makes an effort to work out the Nigerian roots of Efi, her friends and family. Even if the many foreign words do seem out of place. Drayden is a systems analyst by profession, and I think you can tell from the story. which was formulated with little flowery. I would have liked a little flowery though.

All in all, the story is told nicely, although some motivations, especially those of Efis and Orisa's opponents, seem very artificial, like the means to an end. Surprising twists? Nothing. Perhaps it becomes noticeable that the template for the novel does not provide that much after all. I don't want to withhold from you which part I found the best: Between the chapters there are always entries from Efi's HollaGram blog to loosen up. On the one hand, I think it's great that Efi loses followers the moment she messes with her friends. On the other hand, in the comments of Efis fans, the little story of the JunieBot Penelope is told, which … not to anticipate … goes nuts. A fun detail that I really liked.

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