Overwatch: Workshop update removes inconvenient restriction

of Karsten Scholz
The Blizzard developers introduced the new update for the workshop on the official website of Overwatch. With this patch, the devs remove an inconvenient restriction. The goal: Even more opportunities for players to create cool things.

The Overwatch workshop has enabled players to design their own custom games since May 2019. The new update for the creative kit is currently on the public test server of the online shooter, and in one Article on the official website the developers presented the new features of the patch.

The main goal of the update is to knock out an inconvenient limitation from the workshop (which should protect against bugs that could lead to crashes) and to give players more options to create cool things. You can expect the following improvements:

  • There will be three new maps for custom games: Workshop Room, Workshop Island, and Workshop Area.

The workshop room is a closed room measuring 40×40. The workshop island is the same size, but has no roof or walls. Finally, there is the workshop area, an empty level measuring 900×900. Technically, it is the largest map that the Overwatch team has ever made.

  • Players can now use subroutines in their scripts.

The developers explain that subroutines are basically separate functions that can be executed alongside other parts of the script. Without subroutines, users were often forced to take risky workarounds that made the script bigger and more complex.

  • There will be a script diagnostics window that will tell workshop users how far they are from the script's size limits.
  • A (wait) action no longer has to be carried out before a loop.

While this limitation reduced the likelihood of an infinite loop crashing the game, it also slowed down the script and restricted talented workshop users.

The full patch notes for the current Overwatch trial (buy now for € 26.80) can be found here: <a href = "https://eu.forums.blizzard.com/de/overwatch/t/ptr-patchnotes-f%C3%BCr-overwatch-%E2%80%93-4-februar- 2020/15870 "title ="PTR PATCHOTES FOR OVERWATCH – FEBRUARY 4, 2020"target =" _ blank ">PTR PATCHOTES FOR OVERWATCH – FEBRUARY 4, 2020

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