Own fireside gathering for the Scholomance release

from Sebastian Glanzer
Before the release of the Hearthstone expansion Akademie Scholomance, you can open the new boosters at your own Fireside Gathering and test cards in matches. Read here what you have to do for your solo fireside gathering and what additional rewards you can expect.

The release of a new Hearthstone expansion has traditionally been heralded in a fireside event where you could experiment with the new cards and open your card packs before the release. However, this is not possible due to the current situation.

That's why the developers of Hearthstone give you (buy now for € 0.00) the possibility on the weekend from July 31 to August 3 before the publication of Akademie Scholomance your own Fireside Gathering to host – even solo. All information on registration and rewards can be found below:

The following points apply to private fireside gatherings:

  • Participants can receive Nemsy Nimmertot if all requirements for organizers are met. That means the inn must be established. Here you can find out how to establish your inn.
  • Participants can receive the "Fireside Gathering" card back.
  • Innkeepers have the option to create the event on the same day that it is scheduled to take place.
  • Innkeepers can offer the same variations of fireside chaos as public fireside gatherings.
  • Private Fireside Gatherings are only visible on the website to the host who organizes the event. The fireside gathering itself is visible in the game client and participants can search and find it in the client.

The following restrictions apply to private fireside gatherings:

  • Private fireside gatherings are not visible on the inn's website or upcoming events website.
  • Private fireside gatherings do not show up when someone searches for them on the website for upcoming events.
  • Private fireside gatherings are not counted towards the progress of inns or innkeepers. They do not allow you to make any progress in establishing your inn. In the future you will have to continue to organize public events with at least three registered players to establish your inn.

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