Oxenfree 2 was officially announced as part of a Nintendo Switch indie showcase. The follow-up to the indie hit from 2016 bears the subtitle Lost Signals and is due to be released this fall, initially exclusively for PC and the Nintendo Switch.

Also interesting: the unannounced game for Stranger Things by the makers of Oxenfree has been canceled

According to the developers, the adventure will again be very story-focused and will start five years after the mysterious events of the predecessor. Instead of chasing teenage Alex around like in the first game, this time we slip into the shoes of environmental researcher Riley. She returns to her hometown of Camena because there are inexplicable radio signals causing problems. Electrical devices go crazy, and there are other things that are wrong. The first, short trailer promises a lot of supernatural fun and dark moments, all in the charming graphic style of the series.

Again, the sophisticated dialogue system of the debut is included, which, according to the makers, should make conversations feel particularly natural.

By controlling a new heroine and meeting a lot of fresh characters, even newcomers without prior knowledge of the story should be able to find their way around the story.

Like the previous game, Oxenfree 2: Lost Signals is being developed by Night School Studio. The team recently made a name for itself with the darkly humorous adventure Afterparty.

Oxenfree 2: Lost Signals Sequel Officially Announced (1) [Quelle: Night School Studio]

Oxenfree 2: First trailer for the newly announced sequel


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