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The pacts introduced with WoW Shadowlands offer their members tons of cosmetic rewards, including special hearthstones with special animation. These are considered toys and could be used by all characters so far. However, this is no longer the case since patch 9.0.5.

The decision as to which pact you want to join in WoW Shadowlands not only has an impact on the direct gameplay of your character, but also on various cosmetic areas. Because apart from the pact ability and signature ability, your pact also gives you access to various mounts, pets and transmog templates. You not only have to be a member of the pact to earn it, but also to use it. Your Venthyr twinks cannot use the mounts, pets or templates that you have earned with your Kyrian character. With the toys, however, this was not the case until now, but this has now been adapted by the Blizzard developers.

Pact Hearthstones for members only

WoW: Pact Hearthstones can only be used by members of the Pact (1)

WoW: Pact Hearthstones can only be used by members of the Pact (1)

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The four different toys that function as hearth stones with special animation can now only be used by members of the respective pact. If you think to yourself, "It's always been like that," then you are probably part of the pact of the necrolords. Because their Hearthstone toy was the only one that only worked for members of the pact before. The other three did not have this restriction. The following toys now only work if you belong to the pact:

You can buy these toys for 750 anima from your respective fame armor dealer, provided you have reached at least fame level 11.

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