It's that time again: The new WoW week has started, and we can again diligently do tasks for our pacts. Those who complete the corresponding quests can unlock a total of three new levels of fame and advance from level 9 to level 12. As usual, there are a number of nice rewards for this. We'll tell you exactly what it is now.

Unlock Fame Levels – Here's how

In order to achieve a new level of fame in your pact, you can complete three activities like every week:

Each of these activities grants you an additional fame level, so that after completing all points you will have reached fame level 12.

An important note at this point:

Make sure that your Pockets are not fullwhen you complete a world quest that rewards you with Anima! You will otherwise receive the anima by post, but it will no longer count for the "Refill the reservoir" quest if you subsequently move it from the mailbox to your inventory.

Glory Level 10 – Upgrades for World Quests and Soul Bonds

As soon as you reach fame level 10, you unlock the fifth node of your soul bond skills. You will then get the following additional skills:

In addition, the item level of your world quest rewards increases.

Glory Level 11 – A new chapter in the Pact campaign

If you have fought your way to glory level 11, you can tackle the next chapter of your pact campaign. You will receive further parts of your pact armor. Night Fae also get a new soul form and there is a mount for Venthyr:

  • Kyrians
    : Belt and shoulders of pact armor

  • Necrolords
    : Gloves and cloak of pact armor

  • Night fae
    : Boots of pact armor and Horse soul -Soul form

  • Venthyr
    : Belt of Pact Armor and Crypt Gargon -Mount

You can also buy a Hearthstone toy for 750 reservoir anima from fame level 11. Please note, however, that this is not an additional Hearthstone, just an item that changes the look of your Hearthstone animation.

Glory Level 12 – A New Adventurer

When you finally jumped up to fame level 12, you'll unlock another adventurer:

What do you think of these rewards? Write us your opinion in the comments!

source: Wowhead

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