The pacts in WoW Shadowlands not only grant you cool transmog items, pets and weapon illusions, but also give you a pact skill in addition to a signature ability, which changes a little depending on how you play. We take a look at these particular priest skills and see which pact skills are best for Holy, Shadow, and Discipline. Keep in mind that WoW Shadowlands is still in beta and the developers could still tweak the pact capabilities.

WoW Shadowlands: Blessing of the Kyrian Ascended

The Kyrian pact ability gives you an additional AoE damage and healing effect.

The Kyrian pact ability gives you an additional AoE damage and healing effect.

Source: Buffed

When activating Blessings of the ascended The Kyrians grant you two skills for ten seconds and your movement speed is increased by 50 percent for the duration of the effect. When the ability expires, you inflict arcane damage to all enemies within 15 meters with a Nova of Ascent and heal allies in the area of ​​effect (three minute cooldown, 1.5 seconds of casting time). Nova of Ascension is a no cooldown AoE ability that deals a ton of damage to all enemies within six yards of your character and heals allies for a nice amount every time.

For each opponent you meet with the Nova, you get a stack of Blessings of the ascended. The more stacks you collect, the more damage and healing you do with the Nova of Ascension after the pact ability expires. Surge of Ascent is a single target attack that does a lot of damage every three seconds (cooldown is reduced by Haste) and heals nearby allies for 100 percent of the damage done.

The wave affects only one target, but builds five stacks of Blessings of the ascended up – with four or fewer opponents, this may be an advantage. For the Holy, this means another strong group healing cooldown, if skills such as the divine hymn or blessing: salvation should not be available. Discipline priests benefit above all from the single-target attack, which can be scaled with apology and reinforced by schism, which sometimes generates more healing in the ramp phase than is actually needed. Even with the new Scorching Nightmare talent, Shadow Priests still do not have many good opportunities to cause a lot of AoE damage in a short time and benefit from the AoE effect. You use the single target effect in conjunction with void form to cause more damage for a short time. Overall, the Kyrians' pact ability looks very solid for all three styles of play.

WoW Shadowlands: Mind games of the Venthyr

With the Venthyr pact ability if you attack the thoughts of an opponent, inflicting shadow damage and distorting his perception of reality: for the next five seconds, the enemy's attacks heal his target and the next healing effect causes damage to his target (45 second cooldown). For holy and discipline priests, up to four percent mana is restored, the Shadow receives up to 20 madness over the period.

The Venthyr of Revendreth grant you a single target attack, which also has defensive aspects and is especially interesting for the Disci.

The Venthyr of Revendreth grant you a single target attack, which also has defensive aspects and is especially interesting for the Disci.

Source: Buffed

The mana-hungry disciple benefits most from Mind games, especially since the attack causes a lot of damage and thus generates a lot of healing through atonement. We don't see the Venthyr's pact ability as a really good tank cooldown, but that may change until release – the healing value in initial tests on the beta server is too low and the proc rate of the healing effect is also unreliable. The holy priest does not benefit from the 45-second cooldown.

For the shadow priest, more madness is always nice, but a maximum of 20 madness over five seconds doesn't knock us off our stool. The developers have to lend a hand again to the Venthyr's pact ability so that we ultimately decide in favor of the vampire friends.

WoW Shadowlands: Faesegen der Nachtfae

The three fairies of the Night Fae pact ability have flexible effects, but the little helpers are not really convincing yet.

The three fairies of the Night Fae pact ability have flexible effects, but the little helpers are not really convincing yet.

Source: Buffed

Through the Pact ability of the night Fae you summon three fairies who support you for 20 seconds. Wrathful Faerie: Your direct attacks on the target restore 1 percent mana or 6 points of madness after casting Shadow Word: Pain. Guardian Faerie: Reduces damage taken by ten percent after casting Power Word: Shield. Benevolent Faerie: Increases the recharge rate of a "Major Ability" by 100 percent after using Shadow Healing (Discipline and Shadow) or Flash Healing (Holy). The Fae bonus is very disappointing for Shadow Priests, even if you plan to cast Shadow Word: Pain on multiple targets.

The cooldown reduction for the "Major Ability" refers to the soul of power in the Holy and Disiplin specs; in the shadow play it is shadow spirit. You do not have to work the ability permanently to benefit from the cooldown reduction, but it is enough if you use it once. The ten percent damage reduction can only ever be active on one target. So you can save the tank's life or strengthen your defensive. This is especially useful as a healer, as the only defensive holy priest has at his disposal is Desperate Prayer. The mana regeneration is quite nice. In order to be interesting for the three ways of playing, however, more or other strong abilities of the priest such as blessing word: redemption, void form or power word: barrier must benefit from the cooldown reduction.

WoW Shadowlands: Unholy Nova of the Necrolords

An explosion of dark energy heals nearby allies and infects nearby enemies with Unholy Transfusion. The Unholy Transfusion of the Necrolords periodically causes Shadow damage. Enemies attacking the target are healed (one minute cooldown). Both the healing and damage effects of the Necrolord Pact Ability are negligible for the Holy Priest. We assume that the healing numbers of the explosion for the Holy will be adjusted upwards in order to have a noticeable effect even with fewer than ten players in one pile.

The additional DoT of the necrolords is particularly recommended for shadow and discipline priests.

The additional DoT of the necrolords is particularly recommended for shadow and discipline priests.

Source: Buffed

The Discipline Spec draws significantly more from the damage effect thanks to the atonement mechanism. Especially with many opponents who are in a heap, the ramp phase is so significantly strengthened – with a cooldown of only one minute. For the shadow spec, the DoT is also not to be despised: It causes a little more damage than vampire touch and can be distributed to all targets in the vicinity using instant spells. This is particularly strong when you consider that the number of targets that many classes can hit with their area effects has been given an upper limit. However, the healing effect does not increase with multiple targets. Incidentally, empty current does not extend or refresh the DoT – that would also be too strong. Similar to the ability of the Kyrians, the necrolords are interesting to the priest.

Conclusion: which pact ability is the best for the priest?

Of course, some pact capabilities may still change during the beta phase. At the current stage, the supporting fairies of the night fae give the least. As mentioned, the cooldown reduction should affect more skills of the priest. Both the Necrolord and Kyrian Pact abilities look very solid for all three specs, although one should not expect any miracles from the healing effects except for the Necrolord ability for Discis. In addition, it is best for your fellow players to stand in a heap so that the healing effects unfold their full potential.

Somewhere in between, the Venthyr mind games can be classified. We doubt that the ability is really used as a real defensive cooldown in a raid. As mentioned, the Disci takes advantage of this ability again. Holy Priests are the least familiar with pact skills in comparison. Only the Kyrians offer an appealing ability for the Holy that scales with your mastery.

WoW Shadowlands: The signature skills of the pacts for the priest

In addition to a pact ability that is tailored to your style of play, pacts also provide you with a so-called signature ability, which is the same for every class. When choosing the pact you should definitely keep this in mind.

Summon Provost (Kyrians): Call your Provost, who will bring you a vial of equanimity that heals you for 15 percent health (three charges). If you drink from the vial, all curse, disease, poison and bleeding effects are also removed. Your Provost also lets you change your talents free of charge once a day and encourages other players if you order it.

Meat shaping (Necrolords): Creates a shield of flesh and bones that prevents damage equal to part of your maximum health. If you stand next to the corpse of a defeated enemy while casting this ability, you will receive a larger shield.

Soul shape (Nachtfae): Take on the form of a fox with increased movement speed. You can reactivate Soulform to teleport forward a short distance. You can also unlock and collect additional cosmetic characters in a wide variety of game situations. In the game world, this effect ends after a short time. It has no time limit in rest areas.

Shadow gate (Venthyr): You enter the world of shadows and reappear a little later at the selected destination (one minute cooldown, 40 meters range).

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