from Karsten Scholz
When it comes to efficiently trimming large trash groups, the wizard in WoW Classic is THE premier class of trash group destroyers. So usually. A paladin player is currently proving in Zul'Gurub that the holy popes also have a lot to offer.

Anyone who wants to efficiently reach level 60 and / or farm a lot of gold in WoW Classic often creates a magician. No other class reaches the maximum level as quickly. With no other archetype can you earn so much gold per hour from fighting alone. The reason: The magician has all the skills needed to pull a large number of enemies safely and alone, then control this group and finally bomb it out of life. And if the loot alone is not enough, pack a few low-level characters who are keen on experience points, and let them push a few more gold pieces into your hand.

Other classes can only watch with envy. A paladin offering solo boost rounds for the Zul'Gurub instance? You just won't see that. Or is it? Well, Classic-WoW wouldn't be Classic-WoW if individual players didn't somehow find a way to get something remarkable out of their class. We want to prove this with a video by the Paladin player Tedj, who offers exactly such boost runs and even makes magicians look old with his monster pull. In the end, around 300 gold per hour should jump out. But see for yourself:

Tedj reveals that he is from that well-known magician player and Youtuber Arlaeus was inspired to master the pulls with his paladin. Compared to the water suppliers on two legs, however, he had to invest significantly more in the preparation with his holy record pope. For example, after hours of testing, he found that he needed a 400 defense so that he wouldn't be dazed by level 60 enemies. For the trinket slots, the player has the Chained essence of Eranikus such as Ramstein's lightning strike concerned. Also essential are an epic mount, the movement speed enchantment for boots, engineering as a profession and as much mana per second as possible through equipment.

For the talents, Tedj relies on a skill focused on the Heilig-Baum (32 points). Another 19 points land in the protection tree. The consumer items also play alongside one or the other engineering item Limited invulnerability potions, Floating speed cabinets as well as anything that can restore mana.

In the instance, the paladin then pulls the various crocodile groups and a pack of tigers, which he then lures to a bridge so that all of the enemies can be consecrated one by one. The blatant pull alone, but then the execution on the bridge must have meant many hours of training. We are impressed. You too?

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