Paladins get Auras and Holy Power back

from Philipp Sattler
In the upcoming expansion, some classes can look forward to small or large changes. The Paladin's three ways of playing are also adjusted in several ways. So the Holy Power returns for tanks and healers – just like the overarching auras

Over the past few years, the paladin has had to forego more and more of its once iconic abilities. In addition to the seals and the short blessings, the auras also fell victim to the scissors of the developers – at least halfway. The Holy Paladin was able to choose one of three auras by talent and the Protective Paladin was able to talent one if necessary – but it was quite senseless. With the upcoming expansion of Shadowlands, this will change soon.
The return of the auras is no surprise, because that's exactly what Ion Hazzikostas announced at the previous BlizzCon. Much more was not revealed. As part of the blog post on the class adjustments, the developers now revealed how and which auras will come back. In addition to classics like the Aura of Devotion and the Aura of the Crusader, we'll also get a revised version of Aura of Retribution. In all likelihood, this gives us a bonus if one of our teammates dies – much like the passive retaliation ability does now. In addition, the aura of concentration is making a comeback and will definitely win back fans among PvP players as it reduces the duration of breaks and silences. Holy Paladins will probably be able to massively reinforce one of these auras for a short time, as has been the case so far. However, we don't yet know exactly how that will look.

Holy and protection paladins also have to get used to using a second resource – the Holy Power. They had lost them many years ago and since then only the vendor has used the five "combo points". In Shadowlands, all paladin styles use the Holy Power. As with the retributor, this is built up using fewer attacks and then used for massive damage spells. In the case of tank and healer, the strongest healings and protective abilities will probably use up the new resource. So far it is known that, for example, the Word of Glory and the Shield of the Righteous (both abilities are available to all specs in Shadowlands) will consume Holy Power. Seraphim (which is also available for all playing styles) also consumes Holy Power again.
How exactly it all turns out and what skills tanks and healers use to build up the new, old resource is currently still unclear. But since the Alpha is just around the corner, we will probably know that in a few days.

Here you can find a large overview of the class adjustments in WoW Shadowlands (buy now for € 39.99).

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