An event was held on the World of Warcraft private server Elysium that simulated a pandemic in the game world. Take appropriate measures to save your world from a virus.

The Pandemic event on the World of Warcraft server Elysium entrusted the players with the task of fighting a pandemic in Azeroth themselves. The event started when a player interacted with an infected object and became “patient zero”. The virus spread and within two days, 88 percent of the players were infected. Only then did the server admins explain what the virus was all about, reset the event and then start it again – only that the players now knew.

The virus was not only transmitted by players, but also by NPCs. To contain the virus, there were new items such as face masks, soap and disinfectants with which the players could help themselves and others. Distance between the players also helped prevent the transmission. At the End of the event 37 percent of the players were infected. By the way, players below level 10 were exempted from this so as not to overwhelm newcomers.

So the little experiment showed that the players' measures had helped.

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Censorship in World of Warcraft – this is how Azeroth was changed

Many feel right at the "Corrupted Blood Incident" remembered in WoW from 2005. At that time, a buggy debuff left a raid on the back of the companions of hunters and warlocks and attacked almost everyone on a server. It takes weeks for the debuff to be patched out of the game. This case has even been investigated by science to study the spread of viruses.

The event on Elysium should not be a copy of it, but rather inform and show how important the measures to combat a virus are.