Paradox Interactive didn’t have a very good year. The mafia strategy game Empire of Sin was eagerly awaited by fans, but ultimately disappointed across the board. We also had a few complaints about the title, which you can read in our review of Empire of Sin.

Furthermore, Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 was postponed indefinitely, which of course fans of the series did not like at all. The new expansion for Europa Universalis 4, Leviathan, was also so poorly received by gamers that the game director apologized to the fans for the recent poor quality releases.

Internally, too, things are not looking good at Paradox at the moment. Shortly after the previous CEO Ebba Ljungerud stepped down from her position, the company held an internal survey. Many of the female employees replied that they were treated badly or even bullied in the company. Additionally, Fredrik Wester, the current CEO of Paradox Interactive, recently apologized for “inappropriate behavior” in 2018.

The company is now looking to restructure a bit, which is why they announced that work on some unannounced projects has been stopped. The company would rather focus on “proven gaming niches and projects that better meet the company’s risk and return requirements”.

For Paradox Interactive, these proven gaming niches are of course strategy games, such as the CEO Fredrik Wester stated in an official statement:

“Paradox Interactive grew up with strategy and management games. This is where our hearts and minds lie and we are passionate about making games that our players can enjoy over a long period of time. So we have continued to refine our pipeline, to ensure that the projects with the highest potential receive the resources necessary for the best possible development. “

According to Wester, Paradox Interactive now has 15 games in development. Four of these have already been officially announced: Victoria 3, Crusader Kings 3 and the Shadow Run Trilogy for consoles, and of course Vampires: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2. Furthermore, some DLC is currently being worked on, including Royal Court for Crusader Kings 3 .

Perhaps the recently announced Victoria 3 will be another success story for Paradox Interactive. Until then, players can at least have a lot of fun with the popular Crusader Kings 3, which we also praised for its entertaining gameplay in our test.

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