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Patch 2.3 for Conan Exiles is currently on the test servers and we give you a crisp outlook on the planned innovations and improvements that are planned with the next update. Spoiler: Lots of things to do, especially on the Isle of Siptah!

Since September 2020 we have been allowed to make them unsafe the early access version of the Isle of Siptah by Conan Exiles. The final release on PC, Playstation and Xbox is planned for 2021. Before the official launch, Patch 2.3 should ensure that the gaming experience on the island, based on the feedback from the players, is noticeably improved again.

That patch is currently on the test server, and the developers keep us in the official forum informed about the planned changes and improvements made. Here are the highlights of Patch 2.3:

  • The Isle of Siptah will be full of new places of interest and NPC camps. The latter split into three new factions. You can free serfs in the camps to make them work for you. You can also pray at an altar for powerful buffs, and there will be new vendors and a lot more to discover.
  • The vaults of the elders, the raging maelstrom in the center and the waves of energy that keep opening gates in the sky will be adjusted. The dungeons should now be aimed at level 60 characters and reward them with great loot. It is also planned that you can now control the waves during a storm. There will still be "Wild Waves", but they will no longer appear on the Isle of Siptah. These are said to be linked to a "well-known and popular mechanism from the Exiled Lands".

Conan Exiles: The vaults of the elders on the Isle of Siptah are intended for level 60 characters with patch 2.3.

Conan Exiles: The Vaults of the Elders on the Isle of Siptah are intended for level 60 characters with patch 2.3.

Source: Funcom

  • The purge events known from the Exiled Lands can now also be directed against your camps and settlements on the island. This event can be triggered manually with a trap. If you manage to repel the attackers, you can secure new serfs or earn fragments with which you can tackle the new challenges in the tower in the center of the island.
  • The combat system will be adjusted again and expanded with new sprint attacks. Each weapon has its own maneuver that you can carry out while running.

Conan Exiles: With patch 2.3 new sprint attacks come.

Conan Exiles: With patch 2.3 new sprint attacks come.

Source: Funcom

  • With patch 2.3 there will be a new offline mode for the PC. You should Conan Exiles (buy now 29.90 € ) If you play without an internet connection or have problems with the internet during a round, you can continue the game in this new single-player offline mode.

Click here for the official patch notes of patch 2.3.

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