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With the upcoming patch 5.2 "Echos of a Fallen Star" for Final Fantasy 14, the screenshot feature "Gpose" will be expanded again and made even better.

The Gpose-Feature allows you in Final Fantasy 14 to create your very own screenshots as you please. Even if the functions offered are already quite extensive, they will be expanded again with the upcoming Patch 5.2. For all newbies there will be one when opening the pose manual appear, which explains all important functions and reveals a few tricks how to make the screenshots even better. The instructions can also be deactivated at any time if desired.

Thanks to the instructions, the Gpose feature will soon be easier to understand.

Thanks to the instructions, the Gpose feature will soon be easier to understand.

Source: Square Enix

But that's not all, because the picture frames will also change a lot. So it should be possible frame to create, which are no longer influenced by the angle of the camera and therefore allow images of any size. And while we're at it: After patch 5.2 there will even be some new frames with which you can create your own profiles in the form of hunting licenses.

For example, new photo frames let you create profiles.

For example, new photo frames let you create profiles.

Source: Square Enix

Another new feature is the possibility Save camera settings and lighting and retrieve it later. This saves having to make all the adjustments again after making a small correction to the character.

Patch 5.2 for Final Fantasy 14 (buy now for € 7.90) will be published on February 18, 2020. More information on the Gpose-You will find innovations in the Official Final Fantasy 14 blog,

Final Fantasy 14: Echoes of a Fallen Star – Trailer for Patch 5.2

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