Patch 5.2 will be released on February 18th!

of Stefan Brunk
Right at the start of his 57th live letter, Naoki Yoshida dropped the bomb and revealed that Patch 5.2 "Echos of a Fallen Star" for Final Fantasy 14 will be released on Tuesday, February 18.

February 18th is the day! Then namely Patch 5.2 "Echos of a Fallen Star" for Final Fantasy 14 (buy now for € 7.90) appear. This was announced by producer and director Naoki Yoshida during his 57th letter from the producer LIVE, in which he spoke again in detail about the upcoming update.

The developers have come up with a lot of new features for Patch 5.2. In addition to the obligatory continuation of the main scenario, daring adventurers can try the new dungeon "Anamnesis Anyder". The Eden raid also goes into another round and comes up with four new bosses, who can be tackled in the usual manner with two levels of difficulty.

The update also has a lot to offer for craftsmen: the new daily tasks of Qitari turn, similar to the Mogrys and the namazuto perform tasks for the artisans. The reconstruction of Ishgard will also enter a new phase and offer a new reward system and ranking lists.

We will shortly summarize further innovations from the 57th letter from the producer LIVE for you. Until then, you can watch the newly released trailer for FF14: Echos of a Fallen Star below.

Final Fantasy 14: Echoes of a Fallen Star – Trailer for Patch 5.2

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On the special page for patch 5.2 "Echos of a Fallen Star" you can now find more information about the main scenario and the PvE content of FF14.

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