Patch 8.3.7 brings unexpected changes

from Karsten Scholz
Last night, the developers of Blizzard Patch 8.3.7 played on WoW: Battle for Azeroth's live servers. The documented innovations read unspectacular. The changes that cannot be found in the patch notes are more exciting.

Last night, Blizzard developers released Patch 8.3.7 on WoW: Battle for Azeroth's live servers as part of several hours of maintenance. The innovations presented in the patch can be read in the official patch notes unspectacular:

World of Warcraft version 8.3.7

Update Notes

  • This update contains non-player-facing changes that are required for Shadowlands.
  • The WoW Companion App has been updated with bug fixes and stability improvements.

In other words, there were adjustments necessary for the release of Shadowlands that have no noticeable impact on our gaming experience, as well as bug fixes and stability improvements for the WoW Companion app.

However, some more exciting things are more exciting that were not documented in the patch notes and which could also be new bugs (via Wowhead). First, visitors to the mythical version of the Ny'alotha raid found that Skitra now has 40 percent more health. Second, they can Thought Harvester from N'Zoth now apparently also from the movement Harvest thoughts Act. In both cases it is currently more difficult to defeat the two bosses than in the last ID.

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