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Those who have not yet unlocked either of the two gullet mounts can look forward to WoW patch 9.0.5: Then there will be a third mount for locomotion in the jailer's realm, which will probably be pretty easy to get.

Even if we are only allowed to ride our conventional mounts with our conventional mounts with WoW Patch 9.1, the developers are already simplifying our locomotion a little more with Patch 9.0.5: As players suspected a while ago based on data from the test server, we can get hold of a third mount for the jailer's realm with the next WoW update. The highlight: We are allowed to manufacture this mount ourselves and it will therefore be relatively easy to get.

We are talking about the so-called Bound shadehound (Eng .: bound Schemenhund), who will expand the ranks of the Schlundmounts. This is the mount that was previously listed in the PTR files as Tower Shadehound and the Dataminer suspected that it was related to the quest "Feral Shadehound".

This in turn means that we will probably actually make the third mount for the throat ourselves by using the new feature of the Stygia forge in the throat. We recently explained in more detail what the Stygia forge is all about, so at this point only this much: In patch 9.0.5 we find a special forge in the throat where we determined dust and Stygia silver with Stygia Can produce items – including the third gullet mount, apparently.

The data miners from Icy-Veins have now discovered the model of the mount in the game files of patch 9.0.5 on the test server. The mount looks like the Schmenenmounts from the throat, but wears a silvery, rune-decorated armor:

WoW: Patch 9.0.5 brings a third mount for the throat - and that can be made (1)

WoW: Patch 9.0.5 brings a third mount for the throat – and that can be made (1)

Source: Buffed

Incidentally, it is currently not known which requirements you have to meet in order to be able to use the forge. What is certain, however, is that you will most likely need Ve'nari's grappling hook to get to the platform on which the forge is located. Should you otherwise only need the materials for the mount itself, the Bound Scheme Dog would definitely be the gullet mount that you can unlock the easiest of all three.

Source: Icy-Veins

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