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WoW Patch 9.1 arrived on the public test server and was of course immediately taken apart by the Dataminers. Among other things, the first indications emerged that we will soon see the comeback of the bonus rolls, which give us the chance of extra loot.

They have been part of WoW since Mists of Pandaria – the bonus rolls. Throughout the expansions, we were able to buy them with various resources in order to then get an additional chance of loot from a boss or in a dungeon. The reactions of the players turned out to be very different. Some were happy to be able to use them specifically to increase the chance of missing items. Others saw it as just another time sink, since the resources required for this did not fall from the sky and the reward was usually only gold or ridiculously small amounts of other resources anyway. With Shadowlands, however, the developers removed the bonus rolls from the game. Among other things, because they were committed to removing any grind that has a direct impact on a character’s strength. Now the opinion of the developers seems to have changed.

Because in the game files of Patch 9.1, which has now arrived on the PTR, the first indications of a return of the bonus throws have appeared. Wowhead’s dataminers found two strings in the files that strongly suggest bonus throws.

    You receive bonus loot: %s
    You receive bonus loot: %sx%d

The first string stands for the receipt of bonus loot in the form of a single item, while with the second you get several items. This indicates that you will either get one item or several. In the latter case, however, it shouldn’t be pieces of equipment, but rather the consolation prize, consisting of several anima items.

Strings found in the data are no guarantee, but it looks very much like a return of the bonus rolls. Especially since Blizzard is currently struggling to keep the players in line who are disappointed with how little loot is distributed in the final content.

What do you think? Do you like the return of the bonus throws or haven’t you missed them since they were removed?

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