Do you have a mobile device like the Samsung Galaxy Book S or the Microsoft Surface Pro X and want to play WoW: Shadowlands on it? Then you can do that with Patch 9.1 finally do. For the first time, the update also includes support for ARM64 hardware on which WoW could not run before.

Windows 10 ARM64 support on the PTR

ARM64 is a processor architecture that is mainly used in mobile devices and supports 64-bit processing. Because ARM64 CPU chips differ in structure from x86 and x64, which are found in most desktop PCs, ARM64 devices were previously not compatible with WoW.

That is changing now: Anyone who has a corresponding device can now try out the new WoW feature with ARM64 support on the PTR for patch 9.1. The WoW developers ask in one Bluepost explaining the feature, to get feedback from the players on the functionality (Bluepost translated by us):

“In chains of domination, we have Windows 10 ARM64 support for World of Warcraft (buy now 14,99 € ): Added Shadowlands. This makes it possible to run WoW on Windows 10 ARM64 devices, which didn’t work before, and that can now be tested in the new build of the Chains-of-Rule PTR.

Although our internal tests have been successful, we are looking for any unexpected issues that may still exist, so please test the latest Chains-of-Rule PTR build on your Windows 10 ARM64 devices and let us know in this forum thread if you encounter any errors. In particular, we expect the game to perform within the specs of the device, so please let us know your specs and let us know how WoW is doing for you.

Many Thanks.”

So if you have a corresponding device with an ARM64 processor, you can test the latest PTR build on it now.

Those: Wowhead

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