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As a hipster, you don’t ask for a biscuit, but rather a biscotto with your decaffeinated espresso? Then you can live out that in the future in Patch 9.1 of WoW Shadowlands. Stylish hipster glasses were found in the game files.

Patch 9.1 of WoW Shadowlands is not only full of new enemies and better items, but also has new cosmetic goodies ready. Six new cosmetic glasses were discovered in the game files. Dataminers from wowhead.com have discovered models for three half-rim and three round glasses in the game files, but two of them have not yet appeared visually. These are the hipster, reading and musician glasses:

WoW: Patch 9.1 brings cosmetic hipster and musician glasses (1) [Quelle: wowhead.com]

Where to get these cosmetic glasses in patch 9.1 is not yet clear. Players have long wanted to be able to transmog more glasses because there are not many options for these accessories or glasses and other headgear are tied to holidays in the game and are only available for transmog for a limited time.

Those. wowhead.com

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