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The selection of suitable media for tanks in WoW Shadowlands is quite manageable. At least the developers at Blizzard seem to be of this opinion. So with Patch 9.1 they add two new media that are obviously aimed at tanks.

Our soul bonds and associated media are one of the great features of WoW Shadowlands. So it’s no wonder that it will be expanded further with Patch 9.1. In addition to new ranks and further ranks in the soul bond talent tree, there is also direct media supplies. So two new media were found with the most recent PTR build. These are mainly aimed at tanks. This makes perfect sense insofar as there has so far been little media that was purely geared towards the survival or tenacity of the frontline fighters.

  • Adaptive armor fragment (Potency): If you are healed by a fellow player, you receive X primary value for 15 seconds. Can only occur once every 30 seconds.
  • Condensed animasphere (Resistance): Heals you for X percent of your maximum health when you take damage. Can only occur once every ten seconds.

How high the value is depends on the item level of the medium. So when you run Dataminern at level 226 you get 120 primary value and healing equal to four percent of your maximum health. However, other values ​​are sometimes displayed on the PTR, which is why this should be treated with caution. While the Adaptive Armor Fragment is officially declared for the tank specs, the Condensed Animasphere has no allocation. Incidentally, both media drop (as it was now) with the new world boss. The Adaptive Armor Fragment also in Guardian of the First in the new raid.

Although most interesting for tanks, one or the other damage distributor and healer might want to access it. Because many classes do not have particularly good resistance media and that little bit of additional healing when suffering damage from Condensed animasphere could certainly get strong.
That too Adaptive armor fragment could be interesting. But only in fights, as you get permanent healing. Otherwise it activates too seldom and is unlikely to be able to keep up with other potency media.

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