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From January 15, there will be food for monster hunters and loot junkies again in Path of Exile: Update 3.13.0 Echoes of the Atlas and the Challenge League Ritual are full of changes, which you can examine in the official patch notes.

With Update 3.13.0 – Echoes of the Atlas – the developers of Path of Exile are working on the endgame, ascendencies and more. This again shows the extensive Patch Notes, in German on the official Path of Exile website can read. We'll also introduce you to a few interesting examples.

More on Path of Exile (buy now ): This is what awaits you in Ritual, the new league from patch 3.13.0

  • The Renegade Harbor is now like a city again, so open to all players. This can probably be explained by the fact that this instance will no longer be so heavily populated as a secondary content.
  • The atlas map Hall of the Grand Masters is no longer necessary to complete your atlas. It can still drop, but is no longer part of the Atlas layout.
  • If you let the portals to league mechanics (Betrayal, Incursion) appear in your hiding place, they appear from now on in your cartographer's apparatus, not in the league NPCs.
  • The monster version of the gem, Resistance Scream, now has a cooldown and standardized healing. "She's not that ridiculous now." it says literally in the patch notes – players no longer have to despair of Oak in Act 2.

Path of Exile: Mad Battles in the trailer for the Echoes of the Atlas update

Console gamers will have to wait until January 20th, while PC gamers can get started on January 15th at 8:00 p.m. Will you be right at the start? Which build are you going to play? Did the patch notes influence your decision? Write us in the comments!

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