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Path of Exile has the first major patch live since the launch of Harvest. Among other things, the developers use it to solve some of the crafting problems and implement various convenience functions. In the shop you can also pick up a free surprise box!

Harvest, the current league of Path of Exile, puts the focus on crafting even more than other leagues: In the Sacred Grove we grow plants, defeat monsters during the harvest and then get access to special crafting options. So far, these have been rather disappointing in the endgame and have robbed some players of the desire for Path of Exile. The developers admitted that they had made a bug here, but this has been fixed in update 3.11.1. The patch for the console version will follow in the week of July 6-10.

Better notifications and consideration for color blind people

In the community one is now pleased about visibly improved crafting options, but also comfort functions. By notifying us of a possible harvest, we now know whether the corresponding collector in the grove is partially or fully ready. In addition, the developers have adapted the look of the different seeds planted in the Sacred Grove to better distinguish them – players with color blindness had asked for such a change since the league started.

All other changes can be found in the patch notes below. Also don't forget to have the in-game shop open until July 7th: This will automatically give you a free "Angel and Demon" surprise box.

Patch notes 3.11.1 of the Harvest League

Harvest improvements

  • Level 2, 3, 4, and Heart of the Grove monsters and bosses now have a chance to drop a new, plantable "seed" based on their rarity. This can be planted in the Sacred Grove and affects the seeds planted in the area by giving them additional properties when harvested.
  • If Level 2, 3, or 4 seeds are dropped, there is a chance that one additional seed of the same type will be dropped per nearby group member and assigned to one group member at a time.
  • The area around the entrance to the Holy Grove now has steps and can be accessed from a larger angle.
  • Notifications that signal that seeds are "ready" for harvesting now indicate whether the applicable collector is "partially ready" or "fully ready".
  • Memory is now unlocked when the amount of raw vitality, including additional condensed vitality, reaches 250.
  • A warning has been added to display when trying to remove a fully grown Level 1 seed and Level 2 or higher seeds without growth.
  • The colors of planted seeds and some harvest graphics have been adjusted to better distinguish them.
  • Text hints have been added that appear when you hover your cursor over harvesting infrastructure and that indicate what they are related to.
  • The progress to resurrect the heart of the grove is now displayed in the Sacred Grove.
  • Namharim, Birth of the Night, is now invisible as he wanders about.
  • Additional preloading has been added for level 4 Harvest bosses and for encountering the Heart of the Grove.
  • Fixed a bug where Level 4 Harvest bosses could endlessly summon monsters during their immobile phase.
  • Fixed an issue where the displayed amount of seeds in the seed supply was not updated correctly after seeds were automatically planted.
  • Fixed an issue where Oshabi could have multiple dialogs at once while large amounts of seeds were automatically planted.
  • Fixed an issue where the minimap icon could be visible to the crafting station outside of the Sacred Grove.
  • Fixed a bug where the wrong icon for the Sacred Grove was shown on the world map.
  • Fixed an issue where the portal to the Sacred Grove could be inaccessible on the 'Port' map.
  • Fixed an issue where some harvest seeds could glow very brightly when entering the Sacred Grove.

Improvements to harvest crops

  • The probability of Level 1 Harvest monsters dropping Level 2 seeds has been doubled.
  • The weighting of the results of Level 1 seeds has been adjusted so that the more popular results occur much more frequently (remove a modifier, add a modifier, remove and then add a modifier).
  • Level 1 seed growth is now always 3 cycles, with the exception of the rarest seeds: wild hatchling seeds, lively thorn weaver seeds, and primeval splitter seeds.
  • Wild Plague Queen's Bulb, Lively Devourer Bulb, and Bulb Rebirth Bulb can now only be dropped by Level 68 or higher monsters.
  • The craft option "Swap a resonator for a fossil or vice versa. Rare results are more likely when using rare items" now has a much higher chance that the result will produce rarer items if a rare item is used.
  • Harvest build options are now sorted by functionality and then by cost.
  • Harvesting can no longer be applied to captured beasts (in the form of an item).
  • The use of the make option "Modify a rare item with new, inexpensive modifiers while keeping all prefixes (or suffixes)" is now prevented, provided that no modifiers can be changed.
  • Fixed an issue where harvesting manufacturing options with scarabs could consume a stack of scarabs instead of a single scarab.
  • Fixed an issue where the Harvest crafting option "Sacrifices a weapon or armor for a ring with similar modifiers" would instead produce an amulet.
  • Fixed an issue where destroying a build option from the build station prevented another build from being made with a connected collector.
  • Fixed an issue where "Convert a divination card to a random other divination card" would not work if you used a stack instead of a single card. Now only a single divination card is removed from the stack and exchanged for a random divination card.
  • Fixed an issue where the Harvest build option that turned one element's modifier into another would not work. This occurred when it was the first explicit modifier on an item.
  • Fixed an issue where enhanced Zana modifiers could also be applied to unique maps.
  • Fixed an issue where some steps in the 'Make Harvest Encounters From VI' challenge could not be completed.
  • Fixed an issue where the Harvest crafting option "Upgrades a magical item to a rare item and added X random modifiers" could result in rare items not having a name.

Heart grove improvements

  • The Grove Keeper no longer summons Primeval Vipers.
  • Holy Ash's area of ​​effect has been increased to cover the entire area within the vine walls.
  • The Holy Ash phase now lasts a maximum of 25 seconds.
  • Holy Ash's ground effects will now disappear when the Grove Keeper dies.
  • Fixed an issue where the Grove Keeper would stop taking action if she was stunned.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the Guardian of the Grove to start encountering outside of map areas.
  • Fixed an issue where some of the monsters summoned by the Guardian of the Grove had a lower monster level than intended.
  • Fixed an issue where the genesis sequence would not continue visually when entering the arena after it started.

General improvements

  • Medium and large cluster jewels are now dropped with an additional enchantment that grants them 1 or 2 jewel settings each. These replace the modifiers that previously granted additional jewel settings, which in this way can no longer occur on cluster jewels.
  • If you sell a medium or large cluster jewel to the retailer without this new enchantment, the existing modifiers for jewel settings will be removed and replaced with the new enchantment. Unique cluster jewels are not affected by this.
  • When summoning multiple characters at the same time, characters summoned beyond the limit are now all removed at once.
  • Added the explanation that "You lose 20% slower frenzy" applies only to the normal loss of frenzy over time.
  • The explanation has been added that the value "x% increased fire damage", which depends on the quality of the gem "Herald of Ashes", must have the strengthening "Herald of Ashes" active.
  • Added the explanation to the description of 'Resistance Cry' that the buff provides elemental resistance instead of all kinds of resistance. This is only an update of the description.
  • Support: Elemental Focus can now be used with skills that cause elemental impairments.
  • The creator modifier "Grants Abyssal Scream Level 22 Skill" on belts has been replaced with "Grants Intimidating Scream Skill Level 22". Existing objects are thereby automatically adjusted.
  • The unique Beast Claw 'Law of the Wild' has been added to the unique chest compartment.
  • Preview images have been added for many of the hiding decorations published in 3.11.0.
  • The 'Thaumaturgy Pillar' decoration is no longer sold by the masters. It will be available again later.
  • Fixed a bug where the unique gem 'Megalomaniac' could still generate various significant skills for cluster jewels that were deactivated with 3.11.0, but none of the new ones.
  • Fixed an issue where new Significant Skills on Cluster Jewels would receive bonuses that should only apply to small Passives.
  • Fixed an issue where the water walls dealt significantly more damage than intended when encountering the Spray King. This occurred when the spray king suffered cold damage over time while the wall's cold damage weakening was applied to the character at the same time.
  • Fixed an issue where the unique Stibnit Bottle 'Witch's Brew' would not grant the Curse Aura of Despair when you were immune to curses.
  • Fixed an issue where card curses could be applied to your character despite 'Curse Protected' and 'Immune to Curses' if one of the conditions was removed from the character while the other condition was active.
  • Fixed a bug where the "1% increased Chaos Damage per level" modifier was unintentionally removed from the unique Sword of Madness sword with 3.11.0.
  • Fixed an issue with the 'Superior Pride' key skill where an aura retained the "50% more aura effect on you" bonus after Superior Pride was removed.
  • Fixed an issue where the unique Basic Robe 'Skin of the Princes' would grant a key skill called 'Holy Bulwark'. It's supposed to be called 'unbalanced armor' (like in the skill tree).
  • Fixed a bug where the modifier "+25 to maximum intoxication while wearing a sword" on the unique Majestic Ax 'Rigwald's Cruelty' did not work with a one-handed sword.
  • Fixed an unintentional change introduced in 3.11.0 that reduced the scope of the "x% increased Physical Damage" modifier on the unique Citadel Arch 'Xoph's Care'.
  • Fixed an issue where the "Potentized Attacks deal 30% more damage per previous attack increased by this War Cry" value on the Seismic Cry skill set did not appear in the tooltip description.
  • Fixed an issue where General's Scream removed all existing illusion warriors even if they had not yet completed their attacks. This included persistent, time-based floor effects, such as the spines through 'earth splitter'.
  • Fixed an issue where Illusion Warriors generated by General's Scream using Dominant Strike could not summon Dominated Guardians.
  • Fixed an issue where Illusion Warriors, Illusion Tribal Leaders, and Illusion Saviors could not do damage when you assigned the Band of Ancestry turnkey skill.
  • Fixed an issue where war cries reported a spell time instead of a usage time in their tooltips.
  • Fixed a bug where it appeared that using the Eternal Youth turnkey did not start life charging even when specific things that were supposed to trigger it started (even if the charging actually started).
  • Fixed an issue where Cleansing Flame tried to hit a target a second time if it missed the first time because the target evaded the spell.
  • Fixed an issue where Assistance: Reinforce could be applied to some triggered skills such as Cremation from Infernal Scream.
  • Fixed an issue where the 'Support: Deadly Impairments' bonuses would not appear in the tooltips of skills.
  • Fixed a bug where using the workbench could overwrite brittle modifiers.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the locations of the crafting recipes for life rank 4 and rank 5 and for block rank 1 and rank 2 to be swapped.
  • Fixed a rare issue where the minimap was not displayed.
  • Fixed an issue where the Basilisk's Petrifying Gaze skill could be interrupted by using Seismic Scream.
  • Fixed a rare bug where you landed in the boss arena when entering the 'Dune' map.
  • Fixed an issue where the reinforced 'Bridgehead' card had a place in the 'Level 16' section of the card chest compartment.
  • Fixed an issue introduced in 3.11.0 where "The Karui Holds" could not contain Vaal Dependencies.
  • Fixed an issue where driving the skills and intelligence descriptions in the skill tree would always show the benefits of strength.
  • Fixed an issue where shadow characters would not hold their weapon properly when using the Dark Magic weapon effect on an ax.

Fixed crashes

  • Fixed an issue where trying to enter the hideout or menagerie could fail, but the game kept trying to enter the instance.
  • Fixed a client crash that could occur while encountering 'Janaar the Omen' or 'Keeper of the Grove'.
  • Fixed a client crash that could occur when hovering the mouse pointer over a gem set in an abyss version. This was only possible due to an error that had already been corrected.
  • Fixed a rare instance crash that could occur when summoning creatures.
  • Fixed an instance crash that could occur while wearing the unique "Horrible Interrogation" gloves.
  • Fixed a rare instance crash that could occur when using awakened zombies.
  • Fixed an instance crash that could occur when using creatures in PvP "Free for All" mode.
  • Fixed a rare instance crash that could occur if you left an area immediately after entering.
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