Patent is supposed to help with problems in the game with micro transactions

of Dominik Zwingmann
A new Sony patent was recently published on the Internet, which introduces a new system with microtransactions. According to this, players should be offered a special item for sale if they have problems with a boss fight or other things. The system is triggered by a voice assistant in the controller.

Last week was a new one patent released by Sony, which introduces a new system to help players when they have trouble getting ahead in a game. The entry was already filed with the Patent Office in July 2019. The description of the patent shows, among other things, that players are offered various microtransactions that could provide the decisive advantage in a boss fight, for example.

With the purchase of the object, the object is immediately unlocked in the game and can therefore also be used directly in the boss fight that previously caused problems. The microtransaction was only suggested after the player asked for a solution in the fight against the boss via voice assistant. It is currently completely unclear whether Sony will also use the new system in the upcoming PlayStation 5. The next-gen console will be available in stores later this year.

However, the new entry is not the only patent that has been published in the past weeks and months. Recently, there was also a look at backward compatibility and gameplay features of a new controller that may be related to the PS5. Just today we published an article on the rumors that is about the backward compatibility of the new console. A new gesture control for PlayStation VR 2 was also recently in focus.

Source: Patent Office

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