from Dominik Zwingmann
A new patent from Sony introduces a technology that imitates a player's gaming behavior when a bot leaves an online game for any reason. The actions of the participants are recorded beforehand, which can then be reproduced by the bot in an emergency. We do not yet know whether this method will also be used on the PS5.

Sony Interactive Entertainment officials have registered another patent, this time around simulating player behavior when a participant of a multiplayer game unexpectedly gets out of a match. As usual, no special platform is mentioned for this patent. It is currently completely unclear whether this technology will ever be used.

However, the idea behind the patent is very interesting. Accordingly, the game behavior during a game is recorded in order to collect necessary information about the player. If the latter intentionally leaves the match or possibly because of a connection breakdown, a bot takes over the position of the participant. Depending on the recorded game behavior, the bot will imitate the player's actions as much as possible. Bots in multiplayer games are not an innovation, but the game level is usually inferior to that of AI-controlled competitors.

The complete patent you can see on the website of Patentscope. Sony has filed a ton of patents in the past few months. This includes a method that could protect you from spoilers in the future or macros that can be used to start a game even faster. PlayStation fans are currently looking forward to the big PS5 event on Thursday. At 10 p.m. German time, Sony will present the future of the next-gen console in a livestream.

Source: Patentscope

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