Path of Exile 2: Corona virus could delay beta release

of Andreas Bertits
Grinding Gear Games has good and bad news for fans of the Hack 'n Slays Path of Exile: Delirium is a new addon on March 13, but the outbreak of the corona virus could delay the beta launch of the Sequel Path of Exile 2.

On the evening of February 25th, Grinding Gear Games announced the next addon to the action RPG with Delirium Path of Exile on. But the company doesn't just have good news.

PoE 2 may be delayed

The outbreak of the corona virus apparently has an impact on the release of the beta of the sequel Path of Exile 2. Grinding Gear Games is working with partners in China, which is delaying work on PoE 2 due to the corona virus epidemic. It was important to the company that the existing resources flow into the development of the new PoE add-on Delirium, which of course now delays work on the sequel.

"Our first estimate was to start early beta testing in late 2020," said Chris Wilson, co-founder of Grinding Gear Games, to PCGamesN. "But we will adjust this estimate as we approach the deadline to make sure everything is ready for community feedback. We believe that if we start too early, it will be of no use to anyone."

Delirium, meanwhile, will be released on March 13th and will introduce a new game mechanic to it Hack 'n Slay on. Through the delirium mirrors you get into a world full of particularly dangerous monsters. You have a minute to get as many rewards there as possible, including boss monsters. In addition to new items and a further endgame mechanism that has not yet been explained in more detail, the expansion also brings with it the possibility of extending the already complex passive skill tree with gemstones. Delirium should give players the choice: do they want to face great dangers to get particularly valuable rewards or do they play it safe.

Source: PCGamesN

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