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With the major 4.0.0 update from Path of Exile, the ARPG becomes the successor Path of Exile 2. This includes a revised look for all items. A mountain of conceptual art shows how pretty armor looks, for example.

Path of Exile 2 was unveiled at Exilecon in November, but it may be a while before the release. The developers have announced a beta of the mega update of the ARPG for the end of 2020. Until then, those responsible at Grinding Gear Games always want to publish new information snippets. Right at the beginning of the freshly started year 2020 there is a mountain of concept art for the new armament designs.

These demonstrate that Path of Exile clothing, which is getting on in years, is being retired and is making room for detailed clothing. The images also show that in PoE we still have to make do with shredded, moth-eaten scraps. Only later will there be visually impressive outfits.

Ascendancy classes with their own armor sets in Path of Exile 2

It is remarkable that the ascendancy classes (specializations) also come with special armor sets that visually match this style of play. The Combatants (Champion)Set looks like we can use it to bring troops directly into battle. The chiefarmor clearly presents the bearer as an honorable member of the Karui tribes. As inquisitor the wearer naturally relies on religious symbols, chain mail, sacred scripture and ornaments. And the Titan (Juggernaut) is in enough metal to withstand even the toughest hits. Here are two examples:

Concept art of Ascendency Armor in Path of Exile 2 - Colossus

Concept art of Ascendency Armor in Path of Exile 2 – Colossus

Source: GGG

Concept art of Ascendency Armor in Path of Exile 2 - Chief

Concept art of Ascendency Armor in Path of Exile 2 – Chief

Source: GGG

But make up your own mind about the many impressive armor sets:

"Plate Vest" – concept art for Path of Exile 2 (Source: GGG)

If you want to know more about the new armor, outfits and items in Path of Exile 2, we recommend you also look at one of the panels of Exilecon 2019. "Building the World of Path of Exile 2" can now be seen on YouTube, so you can catch up if you couldn't be there:

Path of Exile 2: 14-minute gameplay shows innovations in the action RPG

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