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Path of Exile moves from the Blight League to the Metamorph League on December 13th. Many players have wondered what happens to Blight's unique mechanics. The developers have now given an answer.

On the 13th of December Path of Exile starts a new challenge league with special rewards and mechanics – Metamorph. This, of course, means the end of the Blight League. This has brought tower defense mechanics into the action RPG and offered new crafting possibilities with special oils. As always, the question arises: Which elements of this temporary league make it into the main game permanently?

Path of Exile: Blight only in the endgame

The developers at Grinding Gear Games acknowledge that there were mixed impressions of Blight, but the league has not been as controversial as Synthesis or Bestiary for a long time. That's why the Blight mechanic creates the main game in patch 3.9 – but not in the campaign. But once you and your adventurer push into the Atlas of the Endgame Worlds, you have a 10 percent chance of a Blight encounter on the Atlas maps.

You get guaranteed an oil OR a "infected card". The likelihood of the latter will be much higher in the main game than before. While there is a guaranteed reward for an oil or an afflicted card, oils will be rarer than in the Blight league, plain and simple due to the lesser Blight encounters.

Blight was too light? The developers screw on the claim

The Devs also refer to player feedback in their post: Allegedly, the blight bouts in the high-level zones were said to have been too easy. The revision of the final game with the upcoming 3.9 update "Conqueror of the Atlas" should also affect Blight encounters, accordingly, the fighting should be more demanding and worthwhile.

In the PoE forum and in the subreddit there is a direct headwind in this regard: The blight fights were not simple, but rather dull. And those who did not use the very strong Summoner builds of Patch 3.8 should not have had it so easy.

How do you feel about that? Did you have trouble with the Blight fights in Path of Exile? Write us a comment!

Path of Exile: Blight is revealed – Trailer for the new league

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