Path of Exile: Conqueror of the Atlas

of Matthias Brückle
Since Patch 3.9 of Path of Exile, the endgame area of ​​the ARPG has been populated by new bosses, the conquerors of the Atlas. Official concept art from Studio GGG reveals a detailed insight that is otherwise hardly possible in the fray.

Since December 13th we can let off steam in Path of Exile in the new patch, which has not only brought a new challenge league. The end game of the ARPG also looks different now, because the infinite Atlas of the Worlds is now dominated by four conquerors of the Atlas. These former exiles (just like us!) Have gone mad on their campaigns through the bizarre worlds and could soon also keep their eyes on the world of Wraeclast …

Great concept art for PoE: the supporter packs of the conquerors

… which is why it would be really cool to dress like them! You just have to give them fashion, the five conquerors look pretty cool. This is also possible, because in Path of Exile there are so-called supporter packs with special weapon effects, armor, weapons, in-game currency etc. The new packages for 2020 represent the respective conquerors. There is now official concept art from the developers for these great designs.

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Thanks to these chic pictures, it is also possible to examine the appearance of the new boss opponents in peace. Because gawking is seldom possible in the demanding battles against the powerful demigods. Our character quickly bites the grass during daydreaming. So if you ever wanted to know which animal adorns Veritania's helmet, how eerily detailed Al-Hezmin's armor is or how sumptuously Drax walks around – you can see it here:

Concept art for Path of Exile: The Supporter Packs 2020 – Basilisk armor (Source: GGG)

If you want to know what the supporter packs look like in the game because they have now piqued your interest, you can examine on the official website and finally buy it,

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