Path of Exile: Delirium construction sites

of Matthias Brückle
While players of Path of Exile diligently bring heroes through the story, explore the Atlas of the Worlds and face the struggles of delirium, the developers don't sit idle. In a large blog article, they give an insight into what they are currently working on.

One week after Path of Exile's delirium league started, there are still issues that reduce the fun of many players. Because the mechanics around the delirium nebula and its monster still have a lot of potential for improvement. A first major patch has made fighting the terrible monsters easier.

Delirium is not compatible with other PoE leagues

But that's not the end of it. Because players complain, for example, that a major feature of the league is not running smoothly: The delirium fog strengthens all monsters on a map, even those of other league content (incursion, legion, bestiary & co). But the timer of the fog, which constantly wobbles in one direction, ensures that adventurers have no time to stop.

But this and other problems are already on the developers' minds – an adjustment should follow soon. Here are the construction sites that the makers of Delirium are currently working on:

  • Delirium parallel to content from previous leagues: Delirium's timer will pause when encountering incursion, legion, red beasts, essence monsters, and heralds.
  • End a delirium encounter at the push of a button: From the next patch, there will be the option in the options menu to trigger the end of the fog with a push of a button.
  • Better rewards: Monsters that are deeper in the fog will have a greater impact on filling the reward scale. In addition, the type of reward has been changed: If you reach the third reward level, another scale appears that fills up in parallel. If you arrive at the fifth reward level, a scale is added. These extra rewards always have a different item type than the previous one. A screenshot visualizes the whole thing:

The new reward scale in Path of Exile Delirium

The new reward scale in Path of Exile Delirium

Source: GGG

  • Fighting the awakener in the Atlas: Sirius teleported too often and was even able to block walls in battle, and the apparition used its spells far too often. The next patch will fix the problem.
  • Visibility: The color gradation of the fog is reduced so that you cannot overlook magic effects on the floor, for example.
  • Visual clarity with delirium monsters: So that you can see better what effect monsters have, they are colored differently – so you can then theoretically recognize more quickly whether it is an enemy and explodes when he dies.
  • Fewer monsters with death effects: Overall, there will be significantly fewer monsters that release a harmful effect when they die.
  • Performance problems: In their research, the developers found that shader settings are often the problem for poor performance. They therefore recommend that you ensure that the shader cache of Nvidia / AMD cards is activated in the graphics card options.
  • Depth display for the fog: In a future update, when other problems are fixed, the developers want to include an ad that clearly shows the player how far he has penetrated into the fog.


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