The League Delirium in Path of Exile peaked just under a month after its release – many players have now arrived at their endgame gear, for which they have put a lot of money. So the gameplay balance is pretty sensitive at this time, because if the developers sniff something at this point, people can lose hours of work and tons of in-game money. But that's exactly what happened now.

What is the problem with Purposeful Harbinger in PoE?

In delirium, the developers introduced 281 new passives in the talent tree via so-called cluster jewels. One of them is called "Purposeful Harbinger". This passive talent boosts your auras by ten percent for every herald you use. The developers had already realized earlier that it is numerically simple surgery and also has a different effect than it should. Namely, by reinforcing everything that counts internally as an aura, not just the auras of skills. But the Devs recognized the latter only late.

Why didn't the developers do anything?

In addition to the problem of the cluster jewel, the developers knew that interventions in balancing in the middle of the league can severely impair the fun of players. For this reason, it should always be the last resort. For this reason, there was an announcement that the jewel will only be generated with the next league, which of course gave the community the green light to invest heavily in this type of build. At this point, however, it was not clear to those responsible at Grinding Gear Games that the problem is not only numerical, but also mechanical, as described above.

Path of Exile: Delirium: Trailer for the new league in March 2020

Corona caused chaos in the studio

Just when the developers should have taken care of Purposeful Harbinger, there was a lockdown in New Zealand: the developers had to switch to the home office because of Corona, clarify organizational matters and adapt to the new working conditions. Meanwhile, the problem in the game only got bigger. According to the people at GGG, the passive skill was "one of the most unwanted and unintuitively powerful mechanisms that Path of Exile has ever had." The planned Nerf (only skill auras count) will keep the passive operating room until the league is over.

The developers' statement contains a big apology

At the end of a blog article that describes the whole controversy in detail, the developers also ask for the forgiveness of the players: Many mistakes would have caused PoEler to waste a lot of time and money in the game. In their own opinion, the developers should have known much earlier how much the passive skill causes problems. Here is the full translated apology:

"We made a number of mistakes that caused many players to waste valuable game hours at a time when people needed the most distraction. Purposeful Harbinger shouldn't have been released in its original form If we became popular, we should have taken the time to examine it more closely, or at least when asked about the build's continued potential, we should have paused to think about it as a team instead of our standard answer "no nerfs in the." Middle of the league ", which in turn would have prevented us from mistakenly confirming that there would be no nerf and would have kept people from investing in the build.

That will not happen again. We are very sorry that people have lost time, money and trust. Online games are said to be a place to have fun and distract yourself from real world concerns, and in this case we have failed to ensure that for some people. This is really shit. Since the announcement, we have had many discussions about what went wrong internally and how we can do better in the future. We are very sorry."

The community in the official Path of Exile subreddit thanks in many comments for honesty, transparency and detailed explanation.


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