The next expansion for the action RPG Path of Exile has officially been unveiled and players don’t have to wait that long for the new content. Ultimatum will be released on April 16th for PC and April 21st for console. Grinding Gear Games released a new trailer as well as an extensive gameplay video to sweeten the waiting time a little. Grinding Gear Games wrote about the trailer: “Face the trials of chaos and decide if you want to risk everything for ultimate power.”

In Ultimatum, the Vaal Examiner will be an important NPC. After successfully completing an exam, this gives players the choice of whether they want to settle for a small reward or take another exam for better rewards instead. Another battle modifier is added after each test passed. If you die during a trial, the booty you have collected so far is also lost.

The exams can also be completed in multiplayer. Here one player can leave the exam as soon as he has reached the desired level, while the other continues to try his luck. Grinding Gear Games writes about the other contents of Ultimatum:

“Our April expansion includes the Ultimatum Challenge League, eight new skill and support gems, improvements to Vaal skills, an overhaul of the reward systems of previous leagues, dozens of new items, and much more.”

You can find more about the new expansion on the official site of the game.

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