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The Path of Exile Harvest League is almost here and many players are already planning their builds – the developers are helping: The extensive patch notes and values ​​of new and revised gems are there!

The time has come again: Friday, June 19, starts in Path of Exile the new Harvest League. It lives up to its name and its new mechanics revolve around planting magical seeds that sprout monsters. The harvested vitality allows brand new crafting opportunities. The game's skills and equipment have also seen a mountain of change. So especially fans of drawing spells and two-handed weapons come across some innovations, that are not well received in the community.

If you want to get an idea of ​​it yourself, you can look into the extensive patch notes and you the freshly published values ​​of view new and revised gems.

Especially the very popular sword Starforge has been badly affected: Instead of 400-500% increased physical damage, it can only have 200-300%. For many players, the actually top unique has practically become "Vendor Trash" in one fell swoop. Many are now wondering whether the legendary shaper fight still has an exclusive drop that is worth it.

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Comfort in Harvest: Better hideouts and order in chests

In addition to many balance adjustments, there are also a number of great comfort functions. From the update you can activate an option that prevents guests of your hideout from using your BLA BLA. If you are also interested in importing hideout designs from other players, you can immediately buy any missing decorations as long as you have access to them and have enough currency to unlock them.

If you go through your chest, the list of chest tabs no longer disappears when you select a tab – this way you can have the practical overview permanently open! If you play in the standard league, you are probably also very happy about the possibility to hide the notorious "Remove only" tabs. While this is not a perfect solution, it does provide a little more order in the standard league.

The Harvest League starts on PC on June 19 at 10 p.m.

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