PC gamers get new controller features

With the PS5 and Xbox Series X / S, Sony and Microsoft have not only launched new consoles but also improved controllers with additional functions. Support on the PC has so far been poor – but that has now changed thanks to a small update.

PlayStation 5

New beta update for Steam: Fresh PC version makes PS5 and Xbox controllers even better

There are an incredible number of games in which PC gamers prefer to use the controller instead of a mouse and keyboard. Luckily for PC users who also have a console, easily connect their PlayStation and Xbox controllers to the computer and use them as input devices. However, you have to do without some functions – especially with the new controllers of the Xbox Series X / S and PlayStation 5, the support is poor.

That changes thanks to a new beta update for Steam. Valve has donated a new build to its DRM software, which should be particularly popular with controller players. Like from the official changelog shows, Steam supports in the new beta version for the first time more than 4 Xbox controllers at the same time.

"A piece of luxury for professional gamers" – our conclusion on the expensive Xbox Elite Wireless Controller:

Steam update: an overview of all new features for PS5 and Xbox controllers

In addition, the paddles on the back of the Xbox Elite controller can now be used completely freely. Owners of the new Xbox Series controller can use the share button as an additional input button and also freely assign it. The "Trigger Rumble" function can now also be used by gamesthat use the "Windows-Gaming.Input" as an interface.

Controllers are a dime a dozen, but which one suits your playing style best? We'll tell you:

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For Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC: This controller is right for you

Users of the PS5 controller can also look forward to an innovation, which, however, is much more subtle. In the personalization menu of Steam, players can permanently deactivate the controller's LED or set it so that the controller only emits light when more than one model is connected. However, this should affect very few players.

None of the features of the new controllers can be used on the PC, even after the Steam update. So far, the adaptive triggers of the PS5 have only been used on the console. It remains to be seen whether these and other functions will also be activated on the computer in the future.