For many years, Star Wars fans had to wait for a sensible solo adventure in the popular Star Wars universe – in mid-November, it could finally happen. Because then Star Wars Jedi appears: Fallen Order. We already had the opportunity to play the adventure around Padawan Cal Kestis at the invitation of EA in Los Angeles. In our cover story, we'll tell you what we've experienced, including an interview with the developers.

Long enough, PC gamers had to wait for the implementation of Rockstar's Western epic Red Dead Redemption 2. Now, however, the requests have finally been answered: RDR2 will be released at the beginning of November. In our big preview, you will learn why you can look forward to the Open World Western and what has happened since the release last year for the current consoles – also in the matter of Red Dead Online.

Rounding out our news section is still a hands-on preview of the next part of the Need for Speed ​​series, listening to the succinct name Heat. We were guests in Guildford and were already allowed to turn a few laps in tuned sports cars. Apart from that, we have a veritable storm of testing in store for you, season after season, such as The Surge 2, Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, Grid, FIFA 20, Greedfall or John Wick Hex. In the magazine, extended and hardware section you will find, among other things, the second part of our games industry icon series with Warren Spector, a "classic" look at WoW Classic and a big special on sound cards. And buyers of the extended version can look forward to the pretty indie title Windscape, which skilfully combines elements from Zelda and Minecraft.

These topics await you in PC Games 11/19:

The extended cover of the PCG 11/19

The extended cover of the PCG 11/19

Source: PC Games

  • Cover Story: Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. It's been a long time since Star Wars disciples were allowed to fight through a real solo campaign – apart from the short Battlefront 2 story. With Fallen Order this should change already this November. We visited the developers and first tangible game impressions for you.
  • Full version: Windscape (digital, only included in the extended version of PC Games)
  • Current: Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order · Red Dead Redemption 2 · Need for Speed: Heat · A Year of Rain · Short News · Editorial Most-Wanted
  • Testing: The Surge 2 · Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Breakpoint · John Wick's Hex · Grid · FIFA 20 · Greedfall · Fantasy General 2 · The Sojourn · Felix the Reaper · Yooka-Laylee and the Unreachable Hideout · Untitled Goose Game · NBA 2K20 · Great Buying Guide with the best PC games
  • Specials, Reports + Extended-Part: Icons of the Game Industry, Part 2: Warren Spector · How classic is WoW Classic? · Borderlands 3 – Tips · Video Games in Latin America · New Driver Features Put to the Test · Rossi's Junk Box · Ten years ago
  • Hardware: Current Buying Guide for three common example configurations (beginner, middle class, high-end) · Sound Card Revival
  • A video section with lots of HD videos, spread over two extended DVDs with over 160 minutes of playing time

The whole Team of PC Games wishes you a lot of fun with this issue!

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