Let's be completely honest: 2020 was just a bad year. The big word with C thwarted just about everyone. Lockdown here, lockdown there and then there are such bad games on the market that you wonder what you should be doing all the time if you are not allowed to leave the house.

Because even in 2020 – or should we say especially in 2020 – there were great bad cucumbers, to which we can only say: No thanks, we don't want that. But the cucumbers shouldn't be confused with disappointments, because they are a completely different caliber – of course we also have a video! As cucumbers, we define games where we didn't have high expectations anyway and which we even fell short of. So real complete low-flying aircraft with a crash guarantee.

To make this clear again: The games in the video are, in our opinion, the worst titles in this disastrous year. If you liked one or more of them – sorry! But please tell us in the comments why you might not fully agree with our decision. Or which games were a big hit in the stomach for you in the Corona year.

Also like to look at the others Top list videos on our YouTube channelto review what else happened in 2020 and what is in store for you in 2021!

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