PC players torment consoleros in crossplay

from Matthias Brückle
PS4 and Nintendo Switch owners have been able to play Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy since March 27. The Star Wars game still thrills today – especially on the PC. But when experienced sword masters meet console players in crossplay, there is a lot of frustration.

Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy was released in 2003 and is still the benchmark for great gameplay around Jedi and Sith's lightsaber fight. 17 years later there are still zealous fans dueling on servers and showing off their martial arts. Since March 27, 2020, owners of PS4 and Nintendo Switch can also do this. And thanks to Crossplay, PC players and console players can even fight across consoles in the same matches. That sounds great, but it's pretty frustrating – for the Konsoleros.

PC players have an advantage over Konsoleros in Jedi Academy

Because PC players can join the console matches that are actually not listed because the game uses the same P2P servers. While of course many want to welcome the PS4 and Switch players, others are keen to take advantage of every possible advantage – be it mouse & keyboard or simply years of experience.

Frustrated players are now demanding from Aspyr – the port's studio in charge – that the console servers must be hidden so that PC players cannot enter the match. Otherwise you would fear that console players would no longer venture into online battles if they had to fear opponents with immense advantage.

Others just want the freedom of choice: anyone who wants to compete with PC players should be allowed to do so. Ultimately, the greatest possible crossplay should be the goal, even if Switch and PS4 share the same matches.

Source: PCGamer

Do you have Jedi Academy (buy now) for PS4 or Switch? Do you know the multiplayer mode of the game? What are your impressions of compatibility with console players on PC? Write to us in the comments!

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