PC version appears exclusively in the Epic Games Store

from Andreas Bertits
Epic Games and IO Interactive have announced that the PC version of the action game Hitman 3 will be released exclusively through the Epic Games Store in January 2021. The publication can be expected later via Steam and other PC platforms.

Do you want the upcoming action game Hitman 3 play on the PC and already for the release in January 2021? Then you have to get it from the Epic Games Store.

Hitman on the Epic Games Store

As IO Interactive and Epic Games announced, an exclusive agreement has been reached to launch Hitman 3 in the Epic Games Store. This means that the version for Steam and other PC platforms will appear later. It is a one year exclusivity.

"Self-publishing Hitman 3 is a big step for IO Interactive to achieve our ambitious goals as an independent studio," said Hakan Abrak, CEO of IO Interactive. "In addition, the partnership with Epic gives us the freedom to make the game for our fans and community the way we wanted it to be, without compromise."

"Our longtime fans who have accompanied us on our World of Assassination journey can look forward to taking their progress and locations to Hitman 3 with them via the Epic Games Store."

In addition, to get you in the mood for the stealth action series, the first part of the current trilogy is available for free download from the Epic Games Store from August 27th to September 3rd.

Hitman 3 represents the finale of the "World of Assassination" trilogy. Agent 47 embarks on a journey around the world in order to complete the most important assignments of his career. These also take him to Dartmoor, England's Thornbridge Manor. This interesting place is introduced to you in the new trailer for the game.

Source: press release

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