The release of the first-person shooter Deathloop is still a few months away after a postponement. However, there should already be a trigger for controversial discussions. It has recently been found on the product page of the action game on Steam. There you can read, among other things, that Deathloop will rely on Denuvo's controversial copy protection.

This is surprising because the responsible development team at Arkane Studios has had negative experiences with Denuvo copy protection in the past. With the first-person shooter Prey, the team also relied on Denuvo's DRM measures, but was forced to remove them later due to significant performance problems. In other games, too, the copy protection repeatedly caused inconvenience and thus displeasure among the fans. In the case of the first-person shooter Doom Eternal, for example, there was initially a heavy review bombing before the development studio id Software pulled the rip cord. Even with the remake of Resident Evil 3, the team didn't stick to Denuvo copy protection for too long.

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Arkane Studios has postponed the release of Deathloop to 2021. (1)


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The release of the first-person shooter Deathloop will be longer in coming than previously thought.

Therefore, it remains to be seen if it will be shortly after the release of Deathloop (buy now € 79.99 )will run similarly. Incidentally, it is planned for May 21, 2020 on both PC and PS5. How do you feel on the subject of Denuvo copy protection? Have you already had bad experiences with it? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Steam

Deathloop: First gameplay of the time loop first person shooter

The PC version of Deathloop uses Denuvo copy protection. (2) (Source: Bethesda)

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