Hello and welcome back to our from now on probably weekly PCG quiz on Sunday! Do you think you know your way around the big world of video games? From The Legend of Zelda over Half-life and The Last of Us do you find your way around every video game series and know the various virtual worlds like the back of your hand? Then prove it at this point! Among the 15 tasks you can expect questions about classics, questions about modern games, those about PC and console games, about hardware and everything in between. Since she was challenged the last time, we try to make the questions an idea easier this time.

At this point it should be said again: the Internet is a great place with answers to almost all questions. However, we would advise you not to google it straight away, but just give it a free guess if you don't know an answer, or don't know for sure. And don't forget to post how you did in the comments below this article! How many of you can do the full 15/15? If it doesn't work this time, you might succeed in the coming week – and if you've just stumbled upon the quiz and want to puzzle more, then try the questions from last week!

The PCG quiz on Sunday # 01

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