New and fresh designs for true-to-life heroes have been a major theme in World of Warcraft for years. Finally, the popular MMORPG, at least in terms of character customization, is hopelessly lagging behind some rivals like Guild Wars, Elder Scrolls Online or Black Desert. In Warlords of Draenor, Blizzard's art team launched an update campaign lasting several months, during which all character models were completely renewed and revised.

The result was quite impressive. The new facial features, finely structured hairstyles and fluid animations improved the whole World of Warcraft appearance solid. And although it does every now and then still dissatisfied voices in our opinion, the new character models fit the new Warcraft settings much better. The outdated models had that certain something, but at the latest they were outdated with WoD and did not really fit the graphic style, which had improved year after year.

The art team needed several years to adapt all models of the game characters to the current graphics status. Worgen and goblins had to wait longest for their new character models. With Battle for Azeroth the time had finally come, both races missed the long-awaited revitalization.

With the WoW Announcement: Shadowlands the art team then presented the next project. This time the World of Warcraft character creation should (buy now for € 32.95) to be taken to the next level. The virtual alter egos will gradually be updated with the upcoming updates much more choices for character creationget n. In addition to new hairstyles, eye and hair colors, further details such as scars, tattoos or other body jewelry await us. The highlight of the upcoming graphic updates, however, are the brand new facial features, which reflect the large and colorful variety of different people. But see for yourself:

WoW is finally becoming modern! This is how beautiful people look in Shadowlands (54)

Credit: Blizzard / Wowhead

WoW is finally becoming modern! This is how beautiful people look in Shadowlands (55)

Credit: Blizzard / Wowhead

By the way, you can also adjust the age of your hero in the future! In the gallery below you can get a first impression of the new adjustments for people.

WoW is finally becoming modern! This is how beautiful people in Shadowlands look (1) (Source: wowhead)

These updates, which are developed every week, definitely make WoW appear much more individual and modern. Sure, the art team will still need a lot of time to revise all character adjustments. The developers will probably not be able to complete the innovations for some races until the release of WoW: Shadowlands. However, due to the sheer size of the project, no one will take that away.

How do you like the new design options for people so far? Are you missing something or do you have any special requests? Let us know in the comments section!

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